Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hair, Oh So Miserable

For how many years, I've been longing for long hair. It's a school rule during my secondary school life that I couldn't have long hair and that's why it's been in my to-do-list of lifetime.

It was my choice anyway, there's no one that I could blame. I just got into this control school, considerably a prominent one in Malaysia. LOLLLL

Finally, now, I get to have long hair like this.... *Yay

Looking back photos on how the way I look was just....

I'm too young that I can still do duckface. So ashamed of that now.  *facepalm
Even with make up also I feel nerdy. Sigh....

Viewing through so many hairstyle photos, planning on what hairstyle imma get when I have long hair. I even watch like SO MANY of the Youtube tutorials, to prepare myself for the day.

I've always been thinking, what if I have long hair....

Am I gonna be prettier???

Is it better? Or worse? Or just merely my Photoshop skill sucks?

Well, I think this is prettier with long hair.

Well, with my long hair on me, I barely have pretty hairstyles, fearing that any styling would cause damage to my hair.

And so, till now, everyday school hairdo gonna be a pony tail or just a simple korean bun like today.

Sigh. Now I wish that I will be as hardworking as those girls, able to wake up early and get hair done nicely. 


Such a miserable life. Just kiddin'. 

Hasta la vista !!!

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  1. Hahahhaah I've heard that the schools in Penang does not allow for long hair. Imo that's a really bad regulation pft! HAHA flower to cover duck face, good one >D

    Your hair looks long and lucious now and yeah, there are so many variations that you can do with longer hair!

    I used to have longer hair too but I chopped it all off cause I abused it too much. Straighten, perm and dye repeatedly so right now, it's the first time in 7 years that I have an entire head full of 'virgin' hair! But how long it's gonna stay virgin, I can't say >D