Monday, 29 April 2013

Hobby Lobby is Haven

I'm so sleepy right now but I have to be awake because I have to register for my classes later sharp on 12 midnight in order to get good slots.

And yes, I'm counting down to summer break! Can't WAIT!! 2 more weeks and I'll be free for my DIY lovelies.

I have been a DIY lover since I was 14 I guess. There wasn't many choices and supplies of stuff that I could find to expand the creativity within me. Fortunately, I'm here in the America, I FOUND HOBBY LOBBY! LOVEY DOVEY!! ♥~♥

I will be showing you guys photos on what I picked up in order to get my taskSS done! Many more to come cause I'm so in love with this DIY thingy!

Group Picture =P

Lace and ribbon
Buttons and studs
Needles and Pins(for silk)
Pins are useful when you have to sew things that are not in fixed shape. Sewing things that you need to fold it constantly and adjust the shape along the way then these pins just come in handy!

Velcro, stretchable thread and various elastic
These are come in handy and all you need to do is just make the sizing a bit smaller and the elastic will do the job.

Measuring tape and zipper
Extra pair of scissors (specially for cutting fabric) and seam ripper
My mom used to forbid us to use one pair of scissors which is specially for cutting fabric. Also, the seam ripper is super useful when you sew wrongly and this tool will ease the task on detaching the thread on the fabric without spoiling the fabric.

Last but not least, Fabrics

Also, coming on I'll be featuring the DIYs that I've tried out or created myself on my blog SOON!

Just a sneak peak!

It's 11.53pm now. Gotta off to grab good classes so that I don't have to wait like a dumb person in between of the classes next semester. Bye dear readers!

Don't forget that my blog gonna be updated at least twice a week. So, stay tuned!♥

Hasta la vista !!!

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