Saturday, 20 April 2013

Kerrison-Sony NEX F3

Mehehehe. It's time to blog about my birthday present. No "s"! Because I just got one present ONLY which is from my parents and boyfriend and it is in white colour!!! If you read my previous old post, you'll know what I named her, Kerrison Elenore Chan. lol at myself

Well. That present actually counts as two pressie. Cause my boyfriend got me the extra charger so that my camera could last longer. According to him, charging and discharging thru camera will harm it and shorten the life span. True. Well, I study E&E. Bitch please. Loll
BF got me.
Complementary in the box that comes with the camera. 

Everything I love I name it starting from my iPod touch 4th Gen I got in 2011. In white colour also!

Not forgetting my Casio Baby G don't know what series already that my mom got me when I was in Form 5.

Ok. Come back. It's an Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera. Would that be good in summarizing all the introduction to my camera? Lolll

All in all, this is a very popular camera among bloggers in Malaysia. Excluding myself, of those blogs I've come across, I think there are more than 10 female bloggers are using this camera. =D

First, I would definitely say that this camera is really female friendly cause it's a towards pro camera but it's so damn much more lighter.

omg What adjective did I just used? XD This camera just fits in all the needs of female youngsters these day into this technology gadget. We won't be like pretending to be enjoying ourselves in an event but our hands feel like almost handicapped cause of the weight of the bulky DSLR. Lollll #somuchwin #girlsvictory

Second, it comes with a 180 degrees tiltable LCD lens. OMG. I won't be so annoying keep have to retake pictures cause I'm not really pretty and I have to get 100 shots and few of them gonna be the pretty one. I only have like 1/99999999999 angles which is pretty. Pathetic enough. =((( Anyway, Kerisson saved me!! ♥

Come on, let's have some various angles of my cammie. Of course, taken by my iPhone5 (which is also in white♥)

Lol...So machine gun-like~
Thirds, it comes with my favorite color!!! WHITE♥♥♥♥ You just don't know how deep I feel in love with white color. So much reasons to love white color!!!

Quote of the day:

"Everything gets a little harder without you but all that sum up is not just a little."

I'm saying this cause I'm in a LDR. Huhuhu....=(((

Hasta la vista !!!

PS: Even Yuan Yee got the same camera too. =D

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