Friday, 26 April 2013

Living in America #1: The Labels in American Dream

Recently, I've been so controversial within myself. All because I've come to this land of opportunity, having so much exposure to so many things. I'll blog about it bit by bit, I have too much to say.

Culture shock. I recognize it. 

Ever since small, I thought I've been living in the most racist country ever in the entire world. Well, not really. Back in Malaysia, I was in a situation that this context is still revolving around a bunch of Malay, Chinese and Indian which are still considered as ASIAN.


Now, I'm in the United States of America. I'm an Asian. 

I still remember when President Obama got reelected, what's on my facebook was about "four more years" and stuffs like that. I have a different thoughts now and then. Also, before and after coming to America. I'm Chinese, but I'm Malaysian Chinese. Get the difference._____. Continue reading and you'll know where I stand.

I do not know how to say it out or in other words, complain about it.

Racist is just a small matter. Coming to this land of opportunity, living this American Dream is what most people wanted so badly. I can see it, feel it when I was telling my friends that I'm coming here.

I do not know how to express it, until I've watched this video on Youtube. You do not have to Google anything or if you want to, you can and you may. I'll just list out what's my experience and how the video speaks what's within me.

As titled. You got it.

0:03 I speak weird language too. Cantonese and Hokkien. Weird, to them.

0:31 I move fast too because being an immigrant I have so much to learn, time is not enough. To fit in the American Culture is one of them.

0:44 Yes, I'm a FOB. Means fresh off boat. It's a term of we, the first generation immigrants to the America being given by those who are not.

1:33 I have only one luggage to the United States. I have not bring many clothes here. I am bad style and I know it. Just because I'm a FOB, I just got off the boat and didn't have enough time to pick up stuffs, build up life and settle down yet.

1:50 The most vital part. I was quite talkative in the class back in Malaysia because I have no language problem. Here? I'm the reverse. Not to mention, my English was consider good back then but now, I do not even dare to make any eye contact because I would not want my English to be heard, not even to be compared to anyone, not even to speak that much. Also, my English was full with la, ar, aiyo, yor and all those vocabs coming from the languages I was speaking in Malaysia. What I used to be comfortable with.

2:16 Group assignment. I hate it cause talking and interacting is needed.

2:47 Ching Chong Ling Long Ding Dong. *fake_giggles If you have read my blog, you will know, but that was when my sis told me. If you haven't, here's the link.

3:05 Oblivious because I have so many details of how an American lifestyle should be, to be remembered. I'm following them carefully. It's been a habit.

3:10 Just a paper and the expression. You know? *like how they say But I still think those paper can be use.  I have always been educated to recycle one-sided paper to make it two-sided even in my workplace, but not in the school I'm attending here now.

3:40 I have many questions. However, I don't ask because I've been carrying so much labels and I do not want an additional one. I feel ignorant whenever I'm asking here, I am not when I was in Malaysia.

3:42 Obnoxious because I don't know the culture. I was shocked when some random pedestrian would say Good Morning to me at first.

Having these labels, they are people who can still mix along (and get close) because they found someone have common with them but definitely not me.

Unfortunately, I'm a Malaysian Chinese, I don't speak Mandarin like those Chinese from China.

I'm not an International Student and I don't have those international student gang to mingle around.

Anyway, I don't feel sad or what and don't feel sad for me. It's just a normal daily basis thing. It's like living in Malaysia and those things I have to face as a Malaysian Chinese too. Just the form is different.

A bit different. And every bit builds up making it big.

One more thing, my name is Chan CS and it should not be written as CS Chan.

Also, I would like to give him a virtual award of relating my circumstances of infinity words so well in a single video and know....*like how they say it LOLLLL

Fortunately, hablo un poco espaƱol.

Don't forget that my blog gonna be updated at least twice a week. So, stay tuned!♥

Hasta la vista !!!

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