Monday, 15 April 2013

Review : Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara

Today I'll be doing my first ever beauty review cause this is super awesome make-up-must-get that is so cheap and so so so MUST GET!! *Opps.. Sorry, I just can't find a good word other than to tell you that you really have to own it. 

Even if you're a guy, I guess this is usefull. Loll. Joking!!

So, as I was watching Youtube videos on one of my favorite channel, Macbarbie07, I spotted a mascara that she used, that the effect is so dramatic and I tell myself that I AM GOING TO GET THIS PRODUCT. I have always love her make up style even though I think she's younger than me. Lolll Also, you would want to check out the video here.

The product is....*Drum rolls (Drum rolls is necessary because this product is wayyyy too awesome!!)

 Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara 

Speaking of Rocket, I have the first thing that crossed my mind is "UBAH ROCKET STYLE!". It's just because Malaysia will be having the general election on the 5th of May and as a patriotic Malaysian (I consider), I really do, still concern about the local news.

Wowww. That's about politic. Well chop that off and wait for the good news from Malaysia after the ballots are being counted!!

I got 3 of these literally for $5 from CVS. 
Well, actually we got these for $15 but CVS Pharmacy is giving the "$5 off upon purchase of $15" coupon where you can get it at the scanning machine which is only applicable to members. Also, we got a $5 cash back worth $15 for the entire transaction!! That means 15-5-5=5!!!

Happy girl we are, so we went and pick up some Arizona Teas. Much love them right now, we never thought it would be this yummy and drinkable~ ♥

Back here.

Check out the brush! Maybelline is so awesome that they even let us, the consumer and user to examine the brush before we are going to purchase it cause I bought it from CVS where I have no tester available!! Boo to CVS and BIG YAY to Maybelline!! *Gwiyomi No.6!!!=Muacks x6

The brush after I dipped it into the mascara.

Check out this!!
The super dramatic but realistic effect!! 

I think this is a good make up product because I really feel nothing was attached to my eye lashes but that is also another dangerous factor which I would probably forgot that I was wearing a mascara then I go and rub my eyes. Then, you would see a panda me.

Also, this product is really good cause it just need 1 layer of application to get this effect. Super time saving cause AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. *Thumbs UPPP while LOLingg

Third, I love this mascara because it drys up so fast after I've applied it on my lashes cause if it doesn't, when  I have to curl my eye lashes with a curler, my lashes would probably dry on the curler with the product and both of them marry and stick together. I hate this the most and so I say this Maybelline mascara is totally a must get cause it always stays single!!! Even each of the lashes stays solo and pops up one by one from the root!! Major make up product loveeeeee~


Well, here are some other shots of the zoom up with different expression on my face and slight change of angle.

1. Smiling
Can you see? Even the shadows of my lashes are so beautiful. 

2. Boys-attacking♥ 
*Lolll Well the only boy I would attack definitely gonna be him♥
This is way too over!! So nice and clamp-free!!

Maybelline is having so much other kind of Mascaras too but I'm so glad that I chose this one!! I bought it from CVS and Maybelline is not paying me to say this although I REALLY REALLY HOPE THAT THEY PAY ME FOR A BLOG POST.

Bloopers time!!!

When we were paying at the cashier counter at CVS,  my sis and I encountered some problem on the voucher but we still have something in the cart to check out so we sort of standing in the line, blocking. After being aware of that, and since I'm still a FOB right now, also due to nervousness, I just spit out "I put here first ah, later I come", and the cashier didn't even look or respond to me cause maybe he thought that THAT WAS ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!!

GOSH. I really have to brush up my accent but Uncle Phil said, I have a more towards-British accent. Lolll.

Don't forget that my blog gonna be updated at least twice a week. So, stay tuned!♥

Hasta la vista !!!

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  1. Great review! :) I love trying out new mascaras because I'm not gifted with long and full lashes, haha.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! :)

    Dawn @

  2. I personally love The Rocket mascara as well. I always stock up on it when I see it on sale.