Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Youtube: Unboxing Mahalo U-30PK Ukulele

Recently, I've been so into Youtubing, be it in making or watching videos, I JUST LOVE...

That's why I pick up DIY stuffs back these days cause I've been watching many of those How Tos in Youtube. Even though assignments and tight exam schedule have been clenching my neck *AHHHHH~~~  but I still have to do what I love.

That means, I will be having some DIY post coming up! ♥

I have been wanting aN ukulele since I played one in my boyfriend's house back in Penang and also Yuan Yee's guitalele *stupid Google chrome thought guitalele is an error lollll. I'm so like alone whenever BF can play guitar so amazingly but my singing sucks so I just sit there.___. Also, got brainwashed by Yuan Yee aka Megan about her guitalele. She even did a tutorial on how to do the strap, so damn geng man.

I was planning to do one for my BF but fail because my BF stopped me. =(( He said he want a strong and secured one, don't want later his guitar dropped and fell on the floor he will...... idk what he will.....

So, we was in hyper-want-that-ukulele mode then my sis just order the super cute pink ukulele from Amazon. She is a frequent buyer from Amazon and she's just so good in that.

Ohya, I think the price of the ukulele has been raised cause when we bought it I remember it's $2X.XX if I'm not mistaken. Sum up total plus tax is $40 plus.

My favorite shot.
So, I was finding any place that would be more Hawaiian and this is the best I can give. Lolll
Yes, the color is really really nice and the texture of the paint is very suitable-to-people-who-have-sweaty-hands although the paint at the frets came off so easily with just a few play. LOLL But anyway, I'm satisfied with the price I paid.
I mean my sister paid. WTF She gonna correct me.
So I know this pretty lady is Miss Hawaii 2010. Very pretty indeed.

After viewing those comments and reviews on Amazon, we really feel that we need to buy extra strings. So we got it for $8.99 link here but we thought the original string is good enough after receiving it. Mostly because we are just super beginner and we don't even know the difference.

Anyway, the original string's really easy to become out of tune. =(

So, we started playing it with the song on iPad screen while the chords on my iPhone. Lolll  #super_environmental_friendly

Before that, of course we need to tune the ukulele. So now, it's that time that I use my knowledge from what I've learnt in my violin classes, actually not even 1% of the skill. Cause tuning ukulele is not like turning the peg of violin MICRObit by MICRObit cause the spring might snap and then hit my face, it's just like tightening a screw. Very easy.

The apps that I found best for beginners like us to tune ukulele is n-Track Tuner. You can download it free from Apple Store here

Like for example, you want to tune for the A string. You have to at least reach until the screen appears the letter A. Anything other than that means you are totally wrong. 

Then you would like to tighten your string if the red zone appeared away to the left side of the center bar.

Loosen your string if the red zone appeared to be away to the right side of the center bar cause it means it's too tight.

Once you have reached a white bar like this, it's PERFECT! ^_^

If you haven't watch it yet, here it is! ♥

Ending this post with pics of both of us posing with the LOVELY uku. So cute and damn adorable.

This semester's ending in a few weeks time!!! I'm so excited!!!♥♥

Hasta la vista !!!

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