Saturday, 11 May 2013


I still remember how badly I like to blog but recently.....Neh... *keep on reading

Check out my nice feet and the nice nail polish I put on. =D

Probably because of my whole semester it's about reading and reading and reading wordy-pages books that makes me hate reading sosososososososo much right nao. So hate that, even I hate myself writing things that will need people to read about. wtf

Haters gonna hate. Losers gonna hate. Yeah I'm a loser. Got a fucking C for the fucking US History 2. FML

And oh god, I pick up the bad habit AGAIN. Yes, the "WTF". Finally, successfully correct it but now I'm like wtf here, wtf there, wtf this and wtf that.

Oh well another out of the topic, I'm pretty proud of myself of my fourth video uploaded on Youtube and get 400+ views on the first day. #somuchwin

Gonna update some wish list right now. Too desperate don't know where to write on. I don't have a pretty glass jar where I can put in my nice scented paper wish list inside even. wtf
  1. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots in Black Distressed Leather
  2. Dr. Martens 1460 in Black
  3. Rayban Wayfarer
Oh fuck! Every of them are like hundred over bucks. Shit loadzzz. Gotta work and get some bucks to get goodies. All black as you can notice. Safe colour.

Ahh. RECENTLY SO NO LIFE. Pardon my french and crap.

Last thing before I go, it's the end of the semester and one of female my professor gave me a hug before I leave and another gave me a flying kiss. America! What a cute country! I love this thing actually. I feel so warm!♥


ADD ME ADD ME!! My username is alisonous

Sorry for the low quality of blog post but still, I feel like write something other than my term paper. *cry_boo_hoo_hoo


PS: Sorry for the faux pas. *bow
PPS: I love you baby BF ♥ Always motivates me whenever I'm super dead-bed-status down. =( But now it's ^_^ 

Hasta la vista !!!

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  1. oh my god?! you painted your toes pretty well! Love your blog!

    Way Hang