Sunday, 19 May 2013

SNSD Love & Girls MV × Forever21 & H&M Haul ♡

So, few days back I just went to The Domain BY BUS and shop like a mad woman!

Because Austin is having uncertain weather these days, I wore a T-shirt+Jeans+Nike tennis shoes there. I've never been there myself so I thought I would wanna wear something safe if I need a lot of walking.

I bought the skirt cause I paired it with a few tops and all of them look perfectly lady and girly so I THOUGHT I MUST BUY IT! Even my sis say it's so beautiful. Yes, and I will regret to death if I did not bought it. Mwahahahaha....

And....Recently, SNSD has finally released another dance MV. I've always been a big big fan of them! ♥♥
So now I'm so so so excited to share about my haul and after I've been there, I realized that SNSD  released a new MV and their costume almost the same as what I've bought!! ♥♥ Mostly I bought pants cause I'm out of short pants, seriously! Cause I'm here when it's winter, so I just brought all long long pants.


Many of my lovely, newly bought babies are just similar with SNSD's but I'm good with that! ♥


I've been wanting a pair of Doc Martens so badly and now Hyoyeon wears it make me want it even more! Temptttt.....

Which this is not releavant, LOL Maybe the melty part is similar to the horizontal line of the zebra Tee?

Soo Young

I prefer a B&W floral so that it will not be as striking as Soo Young's. HAHA Cause anyhow I don't have her pretty legs ♡ 
source: soshified


I like the part that the hem was not sew ^_^ (which makes it similar to Yoona's)


 Aztec print shorts but mine is mint color short which comes with Aztec printed belt. Perfect!

These garments all are my new style and I'm ready to try'em all!! I'm so so so excited!!! *Screamssss

I just want to shout out loud that "I am ready for SUMMER!!"

Bye bye~~ Ahhhhh!!!~~~

Hasta la vista !!!


  1. I love how you paired that skirt with a white top! Lovely!! xo

  2. nice dress :)
    thanks for your comment :)