Thursday, 16 May 2013

Youtube: Shirt Reconstruction

Recently, I've been talking lots about DIYs on my facebook and instagram. I keep mention about this fun hobby I picked up but I never have a chance to update you guys and so here it is!

And yes, my sister has been forced to model in my video. LOLL. Also because she was in a mood of doing so, normally she wouldn't have bother about all these fashion stuff.

My sis did a great job so I think I would ask her to model for my future videos, maybe, if she is willing to which most probably not cause she'll prefer lying on the bed streaming youtube vids. (while I'm making videos)

Okay! Move on! Let's make a comparison before and after.

This reconstruction video is actually inspired by Q2HAN who are 2 fashion lovers. I love their tutorial on youtube and basically I've tried out 2 of their tutorials. Their tutorial are no joke♥


And the transcript of the video is down below. (cause I seriously understand how people feels about my FOBbie English. Yucks...*down)


First off, let's start with the planning. From the centre bead, i have 3 beads above, left and right respectively while 6 beads down. Use a soap, to mark where you want your crosses to be. Tie a knot at the end of your thread and tighten it. Cut away the extra part of the thread.I will start by sewing the top part of the cross.Slide 3 beads thru and pass your needle into the fabric after the centre bead for the top part, then  the needle comes from the wrong side to the right side of the fabric between bead 1 and 2 counting from the top. Without passing thru the fabric, slide the needle pass bead 2 and out bead 4. Slide 6 beads into the thread and Make sure that they are touching each other and the fabric. pass the needle into the fabric at the end of the 6 beads and come up between bead 5 and 6. Without passing thru the fabric, slide the needle thru bead 5 straight to bead 1. Then, reinforce at the bottom of the centre bead. Make sure your sewing is tight but not too tight. Slide 3 beads through again. Pass your needle into the fabric at the LEFT side of bead 1. Sew into the fabric and pass the needle out at the right hand side of the centre bead. Again, slide 3 beads through and the needle down the fabric. Sew into the fabric and pass the needle out at the right hand side of the centre bead. Hold the thread near to the fabric and turn it twice in anticlockwise motion on the needle then take the thread near to the end of the needle and turn it in clockwise motion. Use your thumb to secure the knot and pull the needle all the way through and you will have a very secured knot! Don't forget to subscribe and check out my facebook page.♥ 


Just some first world problem now. LOL It's been really hard time for me cause I've been wondering which thumbnail should I pick for this video.


Anyway, what you see now is what I've picked. I'm still undecided. Hmmmphh.

And here's some pictures (which are zero edit/crop except watermark) to help you to decide you should do this reconstruction or not. Seriously, I think you should, cause it's just like upgrade the whole garment with just adding some details. Well of course you need some patience to finish it. Anyway,it's worth the hardwork! =)

Seriously unedited so it's really unglam. =P

Normal sunlight.
Back view.
Lay out flat.

I think some of you might wanna know what's the BGM for this video. Here you go~

And now some pictures of my sis with ZERO MAKEUP/EDIT/CROP/FILTER/ANY TOUCHUP. All I did was just watermark on the photos and resize it. My sis is so pretty...omg...

Ending here with the photography of my BF which I use in this video too! ♥♥♥ Super love to max cause NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Mwahahahaha♥

See you guys soon! It's summer break and I'm so excited! More fun to come!♥

Hasta la vista !!!

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