Tuesday, 18 June 2013



Just to tell you my blog is not dead, some drama has been going on and I dwelling between my academic and drama which is a really challenging task for me. Tsk tsk.

Check out the title, I still can't used to how the Americans write the date and I'm unintentionally used the military format every now and then popping out suddenly.

#unedited #resized only

Sigh. Was suppose to post my picture standing in front of a building. How I know that the person who took the pic is not good at photography but he's willing to help consider very good already. Should have asked another friend holding his DSLR take for me. FML why I so stupid

Probably that's the outcome of having a BF good in photography. :x

Now I'm quite easily to piss off if my photos not as nice as what my BF took. Tsk tsk tsk.


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