Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Favorite Apps

Stepping into summer school, I FEEL SO DOWN. I'm at the extend that everybody is having fun but I still have to study. A whole new semester that cram 16-weeks-syllabus into 5 weeks.

Don't give me advice, things are going to get better after I finish my study. People tend to give shitty advice which apparently don't make me feel anywhere better. We all have this kind of people surrounding us, agree?

Well, they have good intentions though.

I know I look horrible here. Fail editing.
Read further, I CAN EXPLAIN! Please~*innocent eyes

But sometimes, blogging is giving me more and more. Today, I received an email from a reader telling me how she love to read my blog. For sure, I will not delete it and will keep it forever! 

On the other hand, hard times, sometimes the easiest way to handle is to be alone. So, being alone, I've discovered a few apps that I really like. Those days that I need to spend time with myself, I spend with my iPhone apps other than famous one like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Weibo and social platforms.

1. Whale Trail

The very basic thing of the games that I like is the nice BGM!! This is the first game that have BGM which is not instrumental but I really like it. The game is so cute I couldn't resist playing it, but not all day long. 

2. Quizlet
Study in your phone!

Well, in the place now where I am, there are rarely people carrying books around. They normally just throw in their bags or even they don't fit, they will carry an extra bag to just make those books fit in. Not to mention, to study in the public other than in campus or library. So, I found this cool app that I CAN PRETEND THAT I WAS SCROLLING MY INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK of which I am actually studying. LOLLLL

It's really kinda noob for FOB Asian like me to hold a book and study in front of everybody even though I just do it right before my exams.

Yea, I really use it. 
They even have game that can help you to memorize your stuff and brainstorm! Love it!

3. Meitu

Photo editing!! Do I have to say much? Every girl needs it! Well, maybe just girls like me. T.T 

Scroll down for the before and after picture I use this app to edit.

I screwed up a lil so I use PS to rectify it and put it as cover of this post. 

4. Lookbook
Daily dose of fashion!

They have strict rules to upload the fashion photos and to be honest, recently my photos just got deleted by the admin because I violated the rules??? BTW, I still love this app!

Personally, I love this lookbooker from Cali. Her looks are so amazing and tempting me to get a pair of creepers like hers! ♥

5. Laurier Period Log
Menstruation bookeeping?

Haha. Us girls need this. Seriously. I always wanna keep track of my own period cycle but I always lost my paper or I just forgot where I record it down. This is just perfect, what I need!

This app let us set the theme we want! So nice OMG Even though it's just 3 of them but to me, it's enough. Not too many cause I will be in difficulties to choose which cute theme to put.
Day & Night

Pink Sakura

Sporty Babe

Cute calendar. Oopps. I just reveal my cycle. :x

I just try this not long ago. Hopefully it will  not end up like other menstrual apps (which I have tried a lot since I own an iPod 3 years ago) like they need us to pay in order to keep track of period longer than 3 months ago. BOOO to them!

Reminders, so cute I'm so obsessed just by exploring this apps. Love it now! Love the description that makes me feel like I'm a girl. FYI, I always got forgotten by friends cause I'm in engineering course which I am quite sad of because the lack of girlfriends.

The main thing I am so in love is that, they even can let us set our password, so that we can keep this little secret to ourselves. So considerate. ♥♥♥

Lastly, to have your time well spent, bring on the mood and listen to this song which I just discovered them today ♥ Love how it calms and helps me to stay positive for this long hard journey.

Probably some of you can't watch the video due to location reason so here's another link, click me.

I like this last sentence from the song.

"Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name."

All well ends well, I'll make it here. =)

PS: If you found any apps which are useful, please share it to me! You can leave a comment down below or find me anywhere with the link below♥ Tell me what you think about this post, do you find it useful? 

Hasta la vista !!!


  1. I just downloaded the photo app base on your recommendation. I'm a total camera app whore, haha. Thanks! :)

    Dawn @

  2. Oww! I enjoy playing Whale Trail too!