Sunday, 9 June 2013

Time Machine

It's summer means end of a semester for those high school student and so I have more job which gives me the opportunity to visit schools.

I just feel sad for my middle/high school years. :x

If I have time machine, I would opt to go back to when I was 15 and attend the school here.

They are having so good life and so much fun!

There's even a time capsule. To let you see how you was in the past.

The classroom is not as dull and death like mine used to be.

They express their dream without compliments and supports ♡ 
Once, I dared myself and expressed what I want which happened in Form 3 when the school year starts. I raised my hand when the teacher ask if who wants to be the monitor and the end I got bombardments on a forum of me how beh paiseh I am. The best part is, my BFF super hate that girl too. #somuchwin

Well, I do not hate her now cause anyway the incident passed like years but just it left a scar on my for a lifetime. The girl did apologize like gazilion times, but.....I just can't. =\

Basically they don't need to carry the stationery to school.
Books either.
Their desk. So student friendly cause mine used to have the drawer and the wood surface
which is so rough that my pinafore got in between the wood layers. wtf

They have the hooks that you don't have to put your bags down on the floor
if you need to clear things off from your seat.

Lost count of benches they, have to catch up with friends.

Calculator, prepared!

Like in so many colors. 

And a graphing one, 
no problem plotting complicated  parametric graphs. 

Last but not least,  
♡ L O C K E R S 
 My phone battery ran out just after I took the this last picture.

End my post with Mrs. Johnson's donut. Best donut in the town.

Update my blog not so that I don't feel guilt and like the feeling that I still have something not done yet. Seriously, I feel like going back to those youth years when I haven't wasted most of my time turning and going after this useless shitty further study things. Wasted a few years of my life.

Having some haywire now. Off. Bye!


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  1. I have a pink calculator! The doughnut looks delicious :)