Friday, 12 July 2013

Despicable Me 2

First time ever, after I've earn my own pocket money, I wanted to collect something so badly.

Here's a sneak peak! My MCD Happy Meal collection so far! My collection is quite special, because...
All 3 of them which ARE NOT available in Malaysia!! 
Also, the Banana Blabbler minion is ONLY AVAILABLE in USA. I am so glad because here they don't give a damn to this toy so I'm in a good position but people give me that look when I say I want to order Happy Meal.

"SHUT UP AND GIVE ME MY TOY!!" Neh. Just kiddin. Haha. I'm super excited with what I'm having right now. Woohoo!

Well, hopefully I can get my friend who is currently in Australia to help me get that Australia version on SKATEBOARD!! Rawrrr

I also want that Latin America version with that superb gun!

Check out the game you can get from Apple store too! Love Despicable Me minion to the max!!

PS: The reason I love them is because of their annoyingly noisiness which similar to my personality! ❤❤

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