Friday, 30 August 2013

Funny Kids

It's so funny I REALLY LMAO...

Parents nowadays are so imba and their parenting level is so high. All those videos are making my bad days gone good. 

Finally, some update. :x

I'm on Youtube actively, I consider, so sure do check out my channel

My favorite cause it has nothing related to "truck" or "frog" or... you know what I mean..

I'm changing my platform to youtube after much consideration so if you would like to, which is awesome, to subscribe me by clicking the button below. ♥ Sure do check out my videos and tell me what should I improve.

One thing for sure I need to improve, my pronunciation. That's a hard part for me because I'm in the transition from Malaysian English to American accent.

Anyway, blog is still my ultimate favorite platform to express my feelings and thoughts. Style? Youtube.

Stay on, and grow with me.

My latest video, 

∞Infinity Love∞,

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