Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fall Semester 2013 in America

Today I had a really happy class. So, I decided to update my blog after a gazilion years. =P

Thinking that my thoughts right now would inspire anyone?

I have to say this, although I switched my platform to youtube, I still find it more comfortable to blog than to make videos, maybe I still haven't get used to it. KNS, I seriously feel my blogging skill deteriorate liao after resting for a long time.

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Yor, my Profile pic on youtube so nice. So amazed with my PS skills. Love love love.

Ok, ok, yada yada.

So today at Calculus 2 class really funny, laugh die me but the thing is, my point of joke is so different with the locals here. They laugh till peng I still sit there like sozai; and when they keep quiet like needle drop also can hear then it's my turn to fight down my laugh in my tummy like gasping for vacuum holding my laughs to death. HAHAHAHAHA

Oh, so Math prof was saying this statement about maths then he ask why (later I will tell you bout the class...just keep on reading). Suddenly, one hero raise his hand and say, "I HAVE A THEORY!" Prof replied, "Oh, you have a theory? I like it!" Obviously, we (well, me) all know like that dude is just another hero creating his own theory. But well, in the America the teachers won't beat down your confidence like how I experienced in Malaysia. It was just really hilarious how my prof replied him, but why the heck no one is laughing (silently) but me?

End of story. //

Was adjusting the lighting, then this dude disapparate out of nowhere. 

So this is my first serious semester here in Austin Community College cause previously I'm having like Government, government, history, history class...All really hypnotizing class, I want to sleep every time after reading 2 sentences. (but still better than my sis's British Literature class, she have to study like 5 freaggin thick literature books, even my Robinson Crusoe so thin I also never read, I bet some of my friends don't even remember wth is Robinson Crusoe) Yet still, I learn so much and most important thing, I learn how to appreciate my love to Malaysia, gaining my Penang pride as well.  Woohoo!

What sis have to study for a semester. Erm. More than this I think.
No wonder I keep seeing her sleeping only. LOLLL

I'm having 4 classes this sem, Calculus 2 (which I mentioned earlier), English Composition 1, Engineering Physics 1 and General Chemistry 1. Honestly, I actually feel I can get 4 flat after I reviewed the syllabus, all so easy, sap sap water BUT BUT BUT *having to emphasize it after attending the classes, I feel I'm so stupid. KNS~!@#$%^&*

The reason is, what they want is not what I have learnt to tell/give them. They emphasize on process and understanding. What I know is to give them answer. So, now I really experience the different way of approach from the teachers to the students of Western and Eastern.


Let's say, my English class, the teacher say every time I write an essay, I have to present my draft, then after she accept it and she see the flow within, then only she let me continue to go on to my final paper. So, you can see writing a 600 words paper not like you say want then I can vomit for you, here, it took about 3 weeks. Quality over quantity, haha just recall what your secondary teacher ask me to do, except Ms. Teoh. Practice makes perfect huh? That's call work hard, not work smart. But she also say, when you write essay (for my level), it has an extend that you yourself also don't know where you can improve anymore. So, just go on with other essay. Sometimes, I feel like I'm more a human rather than a "A" producing machine after start to study here. Sipek song. The teachers sometimes are so understanding till I'm like, O.O uh huh.....*pretending to be very kelian.

Ohya, my English prof sipek organize. Note print nice nice, somemore punch hole punch nice nice for us, what I did is copy things that I want to then put inside the 3 holes file. Things so neat, everyday after attending her class I feel so much win because as if I am very organize like that. Mwahahaha. Somemore, ask us to buy a 8-divider and a binder, teach us how to organize our notes. But not all students like me la, some are very challenging students. When I straight away use my Sharpie to write down things what she ask us to, on my divider, she praise me worrrr (impressively). Seems a petty thing but I'm the only one doing it, not hard what. HMMMM. So now I believe why my sister last time keep telling my mom, everyday happy happy go to school one. HAHAHAHA. I'm like a 4-year-old girl.

(But this blogging thing have nothing to do with my English teacher, this is just casual writing, aka CRAPPING) hehehehe don't judge my intelligence base on that. :目

Basically what I'm learning is just physical chemistry. Syllabus is just 1/3 of what I've learnt in form 6. Not organic, which is my fav part... Current progress, learning how to balance equation. So, I'm like...
But the sad case is, I realize the method of understanding Chemistry in her class is so much easier. Haih. Damn. Why I not study high school here? If not I think I'm attending Ivy League already. Neh~ #JUSTSAYING

For example, like the picture below.

Maybe in Malaysia teacher also as good but I have no luck to meet them. Tho, my form 6 Chem tuition teacher is somewhere like this.

If you have acquire the skill of solving all these, prolly that doesn't make any difference to you, but for me, I always pay attention on the way Americans educate their students and compare it with my past experience, so I find it more reasonable for me in this way, that my current Chem prof teaching. The way like how Americans explain Algebra to their student. If you don't know what is Algebra is, basically, it's Math after adding some alphabets. =P Now you know right?

Like x+2=5, find x. So, what I learnt to solve is +2 move it to the right becomes -2. Then I am so freaking genius, solve this in like 0.000001 second.





So, how bout Americans?

     x+2             = 5
     x+2     -2    = 5     -2
     x+0            = 3
        x             = 3

Solve this in like 2 mins. Maybe slower, but I think I really like how I understand things better. I hope this kinda gives u an idea what's the difference that I meant earlier. Not to say all Asians are like that, just people categorize imba genius to Asian, so it's just a parody. There are also dumb Asians, for example, me. =D

Btw, nothing much bout this Chemistry class because most of the time I'm snoozing. *if my mom sees this, she will be like, ah sian you don't sleep in the class la, you concentrate la... 

Just my Chem prof had a bad impression on me cause when I did my quiz, she sorta think I cheat, of which I didn't. She give me that "WTF" face, so I also feel so so with this class only. KNS always kena one, last time in British Council also let the teacher say I cheat, always being blacksheeped out of nowhere. =.= Anyway, I didn't argue, I just apologize cause mostly the teacher will prefer you to apologize than to argue. Suan le ba. (But I stil boh gamuan....!#$@#%$#&^%*&^*) As long as I show you my chem skill let your eyeballs drop out!

Nothing much, cause I hate physics but I like circuits. =D

I hate why I open a drawer also so many calculations.
I hate why I wake up and get up from bed also related to Newton's third law.
I hate why Angry bird also can be related to projectile.
Roll eyes to the back of the skull

Even though my current professor is a very funny old man and very prestigious in this field. Have to quote him, "My website's a big kick now.".

OOOhhh. Fancy!

I like this class. Probably because of the teacher and also my love to Maths, thanks to my daddy. My dad keeps bragging to me and my sis that his math is super good since small. Well, he is the one that taught us add maths and ask us to keep his 50-over-years-old and printed in Britain Calculus books. Plus, every page yellow like treasure hunt map. 

I seriously like this class because of the way of teaching by the prof. I like how his class being so cheesy and chill, although I did really bad in 2 out of the 3 quizzes. Still 10+ to go, don't worry, mama. =D

(My mom is super free now, she's gonna stalk me on everything, every social platform. Somemore tweet things like young girls, younger than me, on twitter. Me and my sis really like, oooohhhh *one_brow_rises+nodding_our_head. LOL)

Have to haolian the only quiz I did good. Other 2 really ghai.
Just distributed today, fresh out of the oven.
I iz a good blogger! ^~^

Back to my math class.

My math class, the prof keep ask why why why. Surprisingly, me, who even took Differential Equations can't explain when he ask questions. This is the 3rd time taking Calculus 2 because I took in form 6 then in UMS. What I learnt in Malaysia are all problem-solving-based, but in ACC, explanation is very important. The easiest thing, ask me to interpret my answer. Haih. Keep losing marks whenever professor ask me this kind of questions, really have to find one day go to his office and learn up the technique.

The main thing I found out in class is, I cannot sit near to Asian. Like today's Math class, the Asian dude (assumably is Austin's local) beside me keep peeping my notes. Because I always like to copy down notes in class and my notes after 15 minutes in class is like I've written quite a bunch of things and I glanced thru his paper, he written down maybe 2 rows of something. I can sense that he's nervous and he always look at my paper as if showing that "got so many things to write meh?" face. HAHAHA

I'm like

He's like,

Well, in actual fact....

Probably what he have written down is only his name??

So, after I'm home, chit chat with my sis, she also say that Asian really like to peek her notes. LOLLL It's really funny like how my AWESOMENESS makes other Asian nervous but it's not that fun when other Asian do it in return to me, like what happened in Physics class. Me hate Physics but I love circuits. D=

Normally I will speak a lot in the class but today I sat with the Asian, so not really. I feel la, the locals Asian sorta don't like to talk people like me, of which they thought I'm from China once they hear me speak my non-American English. T.T

I really care about Asian non-Asian thing and my behavior in public cause of the stereotype I've seen and heard. To not be like what they think an Asian will behave. Hard, very hard, I'm still trying my best. But, getting good result is a must. =P *contradictory

My prof is a very macho guy then one day when he was writing on blackboard, he accidentally scratched the board with his nail instead of writing with chalk that he is holding, a few times. Then, finally the last straw hit and he said loudly "Crap! I hate it!" like a girl, while throwing the chalk into the dustbin aka trashcan like a basketball player doing a 3-point-shot but didn't even hit the target. LOLLL

BTW, he also print his note nice nice and punch hole nice nice one. Everyday go to class, really syok but his lecture is a bit fast. I really have to catch up to his tempo.


Slowly, just realized that I took 4 hours to do this blog post. Hahaha. What I enjoy most, always the time pass so fast.

Ah, finally a proper blog post!

I'm just hoping my writing skill is as good as my blogging skill because when my finger touches the keyboard, all the words and thoughts just come out like that.

Oh wait, my sister challenge you to say "British Literature" correctly, quickly, casually, and nicely the first time. She's in dilemma everytime people ask her what subject she's taking. She can't say it right. HAHAHAHA

Bree-thish Li-chrwi-ze!!!!
(Gone case after the first SH sound )

If you have not seen my latest video, for girls la.

Update// I got a D in my Cal 2 class cause I flung my third test, I'm taking him the following semester though.  

Hasta la vista !!!

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