Saturday, 14 September 2013

Felicity and Delilah

So, I met 2 cute little girls last Sat at Juan Nita's birthday! ♥

When Delilah was leaving, Felicity cried cause she's so sad. Then, the adults suggested that she should go hug her. So she ran to the front door, then to the front yard, and hugged Delilah right before she was about to hop into the car! I took some pictures of them and made a GIF out of that. Meet them!

Have a great weekend!

Oh!! I uploaded a new video!! Summer Wrap Up vid!! ♥♥ Check it out♥♥

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Hasta la vista !!!


  1. The two little girl is so cute!!
    I cant heard the noisy sound because you put a background music there,lol

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