Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Princess Diaries | 小公主 #1


看到了喜欢的钱包有自己 喜爱的米白色系



决定 就这样败了

本以为我还会排斥 粉红色

心脏的停顿 让我 顿时 对自己坦白了

#小公主 ✨👸 启

I'm still having that little girl within me. I never thought I would fell in love with pink once again. At that moment I saw this Coach purse with the color combination of my favorite, the beige and white color tone with the baby pink- my heart STOPS.

So, I decided to be truthful to myself and get it without any hesitation. And here she is, all mine right now. ✨

Yours truly,
WayHang's princess🎀

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