Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sherwood Forest Faire 2014 in Texas

McDade, Texas

I keep mistaken the word "Sherwood" with "Sherlock". AHHH~~ *shriek

Love the smile/laugh and the natural gesture she have here.

It's spring break now for everybody and I'm done with my spring break for almost 2 weeks because I'm living in Austin and "in conjuction with SXSW", my break falls the same week on SXSW. Woohoo!! Well, I'll have another post for that. Check back a few days later. =)

Wait. It pass a fortnight since my last post. Oops.

Anyway, I have to make that picture of Bekah as the cover picture on this blog post instead of my own because she's the reason I'm having all this fun. Thank you is not enough to show my appreciation to her for everything. She even offered me to stay in her cozy crib with only female humans and animals. That is such a funny line from Bekah, to be honest. HAHAHAHA

Talking bout the Ren Faire, I have "deer without eye", means no idea=no-eye-deer about the whole thing before I actually went there. So, if you watch Merlin, Robin Hood, Hobbits, and Lord of the Rings, that's basically some kind of expo for it, like a seasonal fun fair or theme park. If you play Maple, those costumes wore by the characters are what you can wear if you go there, like elves, fairies, bowmen, pirates and many more.

And if girls are going to hang out, they gotta do what they gotta do. SELFIE!!

Oh, she braided my hair and styled me.
(My first ever fishtail braid on me, seriously.)

Fool hearing.

Story teller.
Kids are always kids. If you tell them not to go near somewhere else, they'll go without hesitant. 
Like this place so much, you know why.
Activities you can do.
I don't always go near to touch those things they sell there because every time I did, I feel the connection between me and that thing. Like I get a very high pitch scream inside me every time I touch them, then I can get super excited, which I am not supposedly be because I'm new to that environment and I'm trying to keep myself alert because it was just the beginning of the fair.

I love watching Merlin, I always imagine myself sitting in the crowd, wanted to be one of the spectators for the battle between the knights. Now, I actually did. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Dude, photobombing huh?!

Baby, can we take wedding pictures in a scene like this? Please♥

I forgot where I'm from, but I know where I'm at.

In those days, they don't have internet or any electronic devices.

Guess what is it!!

I'm just pretending.....


...and scroll.


How bout a flirty eye? Mwahahaha

It's actually a round table for the king's meeting, without different amazingly designed big chair.

I try to control not to post too many of Bekah's picture because anyway my blog is open to public, but she is too pretty in this picture and Henry, sorry I have to post your picture again! ♥♥♥

You can even tell a story with just this picture. The set at the fair is so amazing! 

Because your weapon is too mainstream. 

The flying fools. I feel so bad I promised them to upload pictures on their facebook but all the pictures I've taken for them are like so blur because their stunts is so amazingly fast. In split second, they finished a few stunts and I'm like can you slow down, I couldn't catch up! Amazing show!

And we even take pictures with the guy. 


The lady that told us her story how she devoted herself into glass art, her story about his brother, and her "Liquid Flower Garden" that she made in memory for his dearest brother. She even showed us something that will be in the end of this post because it's my favorite picture of all because it some sort tells a story. Wait till you reach there.

One more GIF, I know you want it. 

Finally, an official photo for my beautiful outfit.

You know why this is my favorite picture?

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Ok. Bye. *idk how to say goodbye and I don't like doing that =(

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