Tuesday, 15 April 2014

SXSW 2014: CUSP on Rainey

 Austin, Texas

One month ago, SXSW happened and it marked the start of my spring break, earlier than usual college students in the country; second year in Texas and I want to have some fun. So, I googled up and stumbled upon Jessi's blog where I found out about this event.

Speaker Marcie Allen and Lily Cole. It's a brand new experience watching two people being interviewed simultaneous in front of me, live. There is something that Marcie said that I could not agree more and it still echoes in my ear. She said, "Never miss any of you best friend's wedding." She talked about her experience when she was young and indeed I have similar experience in this matter. She talked about lots of inspiring stuffs and definitely my favorite speaker of the day. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to take picture with him, which I REGRETTED SO MUCH! I should have dashed to her and ask for a photo. I was too shy cause that was my first SXSW experience. Urghh.

Sanya Richards-Ross, Olympic track & field Gold Medalist.

 Lily Cole

We had a break before some live music is coming up. This is my chance to have a shot of "mild vodka", which is exactly what I've told the bartender.

Maybe the break was too long and the crowd was too intense with their conversation among each other. I could not hop into any conversation or say hi. So, I had this opportunity to walk around. Then, I have a girl help me to snap a photo which turned out she already did took a picture of me because she thought I rock my lip color and wanted to get it. BTW, it's Candy Yum Yum by MAC. It's even more gorgeous IRL. Also, she told me I could have a makeover by Bobbi Brown make up artists. No delay, I hopped to the place I wanna get my make up done.

 I love it. Love the lip color. Again, one more regret because I chose not to get the lip color and eye shadow/shimmer that day. Now, I have to find out what shade and everything about it without any clue cause I lost the paper the make up artist gave to me. Awesome.

 The crowd was waiting for the music. Here are people with some cool outfit!

Honestly, I am here for this ONLY. The day before, I don't even know what this band is and what is their genre but I look it up on soundcloud and totally love it! ♥

Leaving the site, apparently so many people is trying to get it but the security is making sure the crowd is not too many to be illegal.

A sneak peak of Austin.

I'm totally in the mood of immersing myself in another music festival because of the Coachella spam on various social platform! I came over to this quote about Coachella on a blog, which makes me even more dying to go and definitely in my bucket list!

"...there’s always a magic hour, usually on Saturday evening just after the sun sets when the air cools and everyone catches a second wind and whatever pill I dropped the previous hour starts melting my face as some undercard band pulls a crowd under a tent and transforms a thousand happy sweaty kids into a unified pulsating entity of screaming dance-fueled bliss."

I only went to the first day of the event because I opted to go to the Ren Fair with Bekah on the second day.  Guess I shall end it here. Bye! ♥

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