Saturday, 2 August 2014

I Think...

Hi, Hello, How are you,
                                          to whoever reading this. It's been awhile =P. 2 months, I guess?

It's a very different life for that particular 2 months. I made really huge changes in my life. I get drunk for the first time. I started getting data plan for my phone. I go out on Friday nights. I step outside of my comfort zone trying things out.

I changed.

Values and perspective in life.

Yet, I still has this burden that the last relationship made me carry on. I didn't know what it is until a few days back, I talk to him.

We talked like normal friends. At least we try. Because we used to be best buddy. So intimate and so close. We know each other so well. We talked calmly about what has been going on with our life after the breakup. We talked about what's our plan for future like we used to, except that we are no longer present in each others' future or plans.

That wasn't sad cause someone told me, "You have to be happy when you breakup cause that's when you learn what works for you and what doesn't."


It's August and I'll be going to new university soon! I'm so excited and happy. In the mean time having mixed feelings like I always do for everything that happens in my life.

I think I'm recovered from the breakup. =)
I think my life is back on track right now. ♥

I'm glad you came into my life before. It was beautiful, except that I was too emotional after the breakup. Sorry for what I've done and not done for you. Good luck, my dear friend! 

So, this is how it feels when you recovered from breakup?

I grew. I appreciate every good and bad moments in my life. I'm back. :)

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  1. Hi there. I Realised that you commented on my blog two years back and I haven't responded. :p But I am dropping in here to send my warmest regards and Merry Christmas!