Vulgar word?

No, f definitely doesn't always meant to be f**k. It's fish. What the fish!


That's the forever young mom.


That's the forever cute dad.

Mr. J5?

My lovely, handsome, magical, royal prince boyfriend!


Forever gross sis. To me only, cause I've seen her true faces.

Where do you get the instagram sidebar?


Like pink colour?

Neutral with it. I love the combination of peachy pink with black. My favorite color is white though.


Obviously, YESH!


Mother's womb, if that counts. I do recognize it as my first home. =P
Seriously, Province Wellesley. It's Penang in common word.

Language possessed?

Fair in English, Mandarin and Malay. A2 in SPM for most of them if you wish to know. *haolian
Ohya, and A1 for Hokkien! =P

A wishlist? Probably to do list?

Yes. A TDL.

When do you start blogging?

I'm not really sure bout that but when I do trace back, it's around end of November back in year 2007! Whoa!! So, it's been 10 years of blogging experience! Fun!

So, do you have a old blog since this one have not much post yet?

1st blog ever
2nd princess blog
3rd lenglui blog=this one=current one!


You like yourself?

Yes. Very! Deeply!!! I believe that over confidence is still a better thing than no confidence. At least that's how depression and anxiety sprouts.

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