More About Me

Hi! My name is Alison, turning 21 in November of year 2012. 
Likes many, and dislikes many.
Friend many, foe also many. =D
Likes bubbly cute pastel colour especially WHITE..
Social phobiaed. Hence, a homebody. (I actually goodled it for the word because I don't know what it's called in English. Then I got the definition of 宅女, which is in Mandarin.Turn out, the definition hits all but not that single child and quite in person thing. LOL. IM NOISY!!)

If you want to know more about me, read the blog and you will get to know me more! Haha. Unfortunately, I'm not an awesome blogger so I can't shrink my personalites and characters into a few sentences.

If you really want me to do it....ok lahhh....but don't have high hopes.

In brief, I'm bad tempered, impatient, reckless, always fall down, loves by mosquitos ALOT, fat but not that fat, have long fingers after years of piano playing, having big foot, wearing a glasses and a university student.

Or did I just did my self description from the very beginning? Okay, IDK. Cincai la.

Most of all, my hobby is sleeping!!

<>First to come in, of course the main character! MEMEMEMEME. I put the MEs in odd number one so make sure you don't get it wrong. It's not Meme. Also, don't call me 阿里山 if you happens to be Mandarin literated. Or I'll go like this,

 ❤ And I look like this 


Few months back

August 2011

Sixth form prom night (end of 2010)

Form Six (2009 and 2010)

With an old friend for a primary school gathering. Was rushing back home because the next morning  was going to Tambun lost world with the scout gang. It's the only photo taken on that night. Aikkss...

Form Five (2008)
You are not wrong!! It's the same shirt as the previous photo!! Hahaha!! Cause I like the details at the collar and I still love it!!

Yes, I was like almost 17 and I still act cute and want to be cute! 

Form Four (2007)-The rock zone

Form Three(2006)

WAS ( back in year 2005) Haha!

<>Following, the closest friend I've ever get and the best gift from my mom, the cute sister!! Her name? Haha. Just call her Mun and make sure you pronounce it right too! haha.

Two sampat many years back. HAHA!!!

With my beloved late grandma. T.T

<>Sister and myself with the always-still-like-a-kid parents. Mom and dad are very cute and often makes me and Mun faint!

<>Last but not least, the boyfriend lahhh! Hehehe....

<>Forgot bout them. Haha. Nolaofcourse. The BFFs. 


That's all about me! I let the photos do the talking. My past were good and my future undertaking will be definitely awesome!!!