The Blog

Alisonous is just an adjective word by me for me to describe me!

So, hi! My name is Alison and this is my blog. My FAQ.

I started blogging since I don't know when and I do have a few blogs before this one. I started with friendster, which is a facebook-like online social web thingy and like to post things of my own thoughts. 

Then I started to write longer posts of which later lead me to have a blog to write longer posts that is passively updated that won't annoy people. LOL.

In between, I've shifted to MSN My Space because that particular period that was a huge craze on blogging and showing the world your real life. So, I did follow the crowds and I REGRETTED IT. #so_mainstream_plus_no_ownstyle

To me, there are some advantages of blogging other than in terms of $$$ but mine isn't earning any bucks yet. T.T So first of all, I get to learn how to use Photoshop because I want to present the pictures on the blog decently with the aid of photo editing softwares. Not being really pro in using PhotoShop but at least I tried to make it better.=) Second, I learn about CSS code with all those details in my blog being customized with editing the html codes since the advance settings in Blogger will not be able to achieve what I want. Third, I have a virtual diary that is environmental friendly to express my feelings and thoughts. Forth, there is no more because I can't think of any right now. XD

This blog is of my random thoughts every second. It is usually uncategorised and so there is no specific subject this blog is going to revolve around. =D

FYI, if you wanna know, the idea of my banner picture is you can't own the sky but you share it with others, once you lift you head and look at it, the sky is in your eyes. That's the reason why we should have our head up high most of the time. Just mostly, because human aren't perfect. We make mistakes. We have good emotions and at times we have bad ones. That's how we are. We don't own thing by making it have our name on it or what. Sometimes, it's just a mental thing. One-to-one bonding. Whoa...SEE?? I GET SO CHIM AT TIMESS....XDDD


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