The Blogger

Hey, it's Alison. That's why the blog is called Alisonous. I'm out there, everywhere with username @alisonous.

My style is feminine with a hint of grunge. Though, I'm ready to experiment with any styles. I'm leaning towards cutesy but I often ditch it because of my age. 

My blog features what I love most in the manner I want it to be expressed and understood. However, my main platform is currently Youtube.

Reach me at alisonous[at]

P/S: This was me, writing an intro to anyone who stumbled upon my blog, at that time. I admit, I grew. =D

Hi! My name is Alison, turning 21 in November of year 2012. 

Likes many, and dislikes many.
Friend many, foe also many. =D

Likes bubbly cute pastel colour especially WHITE..
Social phobiaed. Hence, a homebody.

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